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Blue Lens - Blue Film / #3 Shade

Picture of Blue Lens - Blue Film / #3 Shade
The Blue Film is a MUST HAVE when welding aluminum.


Cobra Welding Glasses Cobalt Blue

Picture of Cobra Welding Glasses Cobalt Blue
Cobra Cobalt Blue Welding Glasses - For Welding Aluminum. The ONLY APPROVED Oxygen - Acetylene Welding Glasses.

DHC 2000 Check Valves

Picture of DHC 2000 Check Valves
Check Valves for DHC 2000 Torch


Lightnin' Bug Torch Lighter / Striker

Picture of Lightnin' Bug Torch Lighter / Striker
Tested To 30,000 Strikes! Lightnin' Bug's Electric Multi-Spark discharge ignites all Fuel Gases Quickly and Easily. Lightnin' Bug Never Needs Flints, Batteries or Charging.


Over Cutter Assembly

Picture of Over Cutter Assembly
Used for making precision cuts that once could only be done with a plasma cutter.


Pro Master Pac

Picture of Pro Master Pac
The DHC 2000 Pro Master Pac increases the capabilities of the DHC 2000 welding / cutting torch.


TorchWeld Starter Kit

Picture of TorchWeld Starter Kit
The TorchWeld Starter Kit provides everything you need to get started using the DHC 2000 Torch.


UnderCutter Assembly

Picture of UnderCutter Assembly
The UnderCutter Assembly is excellent for cutting sheet metal up to 1/8' thick metal. Tips, Torch, and Roller Guide sold seperatly.


Welding/Cutting Glasses - Shade 5

Picture of Welding/Cutting Glasses - Shade 5
These Shade 5 Lens w/Black Frame Safety Glasses are a great solution for eye protection when performing oxy/fuel cutting and/or plasma cutting.


25 ft Oxygen Acetylene Hoses

Picture of 25 ft Oxygen Acetylene Hoses
Oxygen / Acetylene Gas Hoses. 25 ft long. Combined Green and Red standard hoses.


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